Selling your home: How do you find the best real estate agent?

Bobby and Lindsey
Published on April 19, 2017

Selling your home: How do you find the best real estate agent?

Working with the right real estate agent is key when selling your home.  It is the difference between having a “home selling partner” or just selling it by yourself.  When interviewing agents ask these questions.

How long have you been selling homes? Real Estate requires on the job experience. The more experience the better equipped the agent will be to handle booby traps that may interrupt the process of the sale.

How many homes did you sell last year?  This can be an indicator of of how effective and diligent the agent is.  As a seller you want an agent that is aggressive in marketing tactics, is a forward thinker, and has an action plan proven to work.

How many days on average were your listings for sale?  Aa a consumer you can compare each candidate and see just how long the homes they were representing stayed on the market.

How close were the asking and sales prices of the homes you sold? Knowing this about your agent is proof in the pudding that they are competent in pricing homes and have an ability to market to the people to who want to buy your home. This fact will also help you to see if the agent attracts listings by higher then average sales prices.

How will you market my home? Any Joe can put a for sale sign in your yard. An agent who can dynamically and uniquely put your home on the market is the type of agent who will sell your home faster then any other agent.

How will you keep me in formed? There are tons of ways your home selling partner will be able to contact you, however you want to make sure you both are on the same page here. If the agent tells you that email is the best way for them to communicate but you have 10,000 unread emails in your in box then maybe that’s not the right match for your needs.    

Will your “home selling partner” represent you exclusively? In Florida you may be represented solely or if the buyer of your home comes through the brokerage then the type of representation may change. This is absolutely a conversation to have with your selected “home selling partner.”

Ask your friends and family who they would recommend.  As you interview that person ask if there are any friends and family discounts as you were referred to them by a previous customer. Your new “home selling partner” will be glad to hear that they came highly recommended!

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